PROLOCO MANZANO – Installation

An Album Concept Studio project promoted by Pro Loco Manzano, presented at the Manzano Holiday Festival in 2016.

A track to discover the spirit of the entrepreneurship of the Chair’s District through the multi-vision of images, which refer to the manufacturing products and their creators. Inside the container, an object that delibertately refers to the industry’s archetype, in a completely dark space protected from any external sensory stimuli. These are the conditions to immerse ourselves in a parallel reality where the photographic style, brings the antention to the subjects and recalls the pictorial techniques of the painting of the Italian 16th century.

Music, a pop symphonic disturbed by a background of noises that reproduce industrial activities, it allows us to enter into the profound soul of creation and entrepreneurship.


project by Album Concept Studio

Manzano (UD) – Italy